About Us

Aztec Home Schooling, LLC

Aztec Home Schooling is an incredible organization that has been specifically designed to aid and assist adults who wish to complete their high school education from the comfort of their own home. At AHS, we take pride in offering the most comprehensive guidance, resources, and services to ensure that you are able to complete your high school education with ease. Our team of highly experienced professionals works determinedly to provide you with all of the necessary forms, materials, and curricular resources required to conduct a successful home school program, all while abiding by the laws in your specific state. We also maintain comprehensive records on all of our graduates, including transcripts and diplomas, which can be sent directly to requesting institutions. We are dedicated to helping families and individuals in need, and strive to make the home school experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Our History

Aztec Home Schooling (AHS) began its initial operation in 1980 under the name of Aztec Consultants Educators (ACE) in Santa Fe, New Mexico. ACE as it was then called, was to design home school programs for students wishing to continue their education in a home school setting. By developing programs and issuing computers to students it was one of the first times that computers were specifically designed for use by students.

In 1992, ACE was restructured and renamed Aztec Home Schooling (AHS). AHS began developing tests by taking the best of what was available specifically for home based programs. Throughout the ensuing years, Aztec Home Schooling was gaining valuable experience in designing high school home school programs.

In 2006, AHS took their case to court to ensure its program was acceptable and that AHS could legally continue to operate helping adults complete their high school educations. AHS won that right and began expanding its knowledge and impact in the home school community.

In 2009, AHS was reorganized as Aztec Home Schooling, LLP.  AHS moved its main office from Santa Fe to Albuquerque.  Our entire program was restructured and curriculum was updated drastically.   AHS wanted to be sure it was providing the best education and helping student to become as successful as possible in their future endeavors.

In 2023, AHS was once again reorganized as Aztec Home Schooling, LLC.  AHS has now issued over 10,000 Diploma’s becoming one of the oldest companies helping home schooled students. AHS operates out of Albuquerque, NM and continues to develop new programs.  AHS is excited to extend help to adults and students who wish to complete their high school education at home throughout the entire United States.

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