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Diploma vs. GED: Understanding Your Educational Options

Choosing the right path to complete your high school education is a significant decision that can impact your future opportunities. For many individuals, the choice often boils down to earning a traditional High School Diploma a Home School Diploma or opting for a General Educational Development (GED) certificate. Discover the critical differences between a high school diploma and a GED. Uncover why choosing Aztec Home Schooling for your Diploma could be your best decision yet.

What is a Diploma?

A Diploma is a credential awarded to students who have successfully completed the required coursework and assessments. Diplomas are earned typically over a period of four years in a traditional school setting like your local High School or in a Home School setting, completing your curriculum at home utilizing a home school program or curriculum such as Aztec Home Schooling. It signifies the completion of a comprehensive education program that covers a broad range of subjects, from English and Mathematics to Science and Social Studies.

Understanding the GED

On the other hand, a GED is a test-based certificate that serves as an alternative to a high school diploma. It is designed for individuals who did not complete high school and graduate with their Diploma but wish to demonstrate equivalent academic proficiency. The GED exam covers core subjects and assesses knowledge and skills at a level comparable to that of high school graduates.

Key Differences Between a High School Diploma and a GED

1. Recognition and Acceptance:

  • High School Diploma / Home School Diploma: Widely recognized by colleges, universities, employers, and the military as a standard credential indicating completion of secondary education. It often carries more weight in job applications and admissions processes as to a GED.
  • GED: While accepted by many institutions and employers, a GED may sometimes be viewed as an alternative rather than equivalent to a high school diploma. Some institutions may have specific requirements or preferences regarding the acceptance of GED holders and may require additional coursework or proficiency exams.

2. Educational Rigor and Curriculum:

  • High School Diploma / Home School Diploma: a High School Diploma Involves a structured curriculum covering a wide array of subjects over several years while under the compulsory age of education for your State. A Home School Diploma covers all coursework of study for your State and requires 180 days to 1 year to complete each coursework necessary all while in the comfort of your home. Both Diploma’s provide a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for higher education and careers.
  • GED: Focuses on core subject areas and can be completed through preparation courses and passing the State mandated exam. Must be complete in a facility that offers the GED, is timed and taken in the presence of its instructors.

3. Opportunities for Federal Financial Aid:

  • High School / Home School Diploma: Graduates from accredited high school programs or Home Schooling such as Aztec Home Schooling, are eligible to apply for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) when enrolling in higher education institutions that offer aid to homeschool graduates. The FAFSA handbook clearly states acceptance for both a High School Diploma and Home School Diploma with Official Transcripts that meet the institutions requirements.
  • GED: GED holders may also be eligible for financial aid, but specific requirements and eligibility criteria can vary. Some institutions may have different policies regarding aid for GED recipients compared to traditional high school graduates.

Why Choose a High School Diploma from Aztec Home Schooling?

At Aztec Home Schooling, we offer a unique alternative to traditional high school education through our comprehensive home schooling program. Here’s why our high school diploma program stands out:

1. Accreditation and Legitimacy:

Our program is recognized throughout the United States, ensuring that your diploma holds the same legitimacy as one earned from a traditional high school. We ensure that your curriculum meets or exceeds the requirements for you State which is crucial for applications to colleges, universities, employers, and the military.

2. Support and Flexibility:

We provide all the necessary resources, including curriculum materials and guidance, to help you successfully complete your high school education from the comfort of your own home. Our flexible learning options allow you to study at your own pace, making it ideal for adult learners and those with busy schedules. Aztec Home Schooling allows you to continue employment, family engagements and any other appointments, meetings or engagements you may have.

3. Transcript and Record Keeping:

Upon graduation, Aztec Home Schooling keeps comprehensive records of your academic achievements. We offer official transcripts that can be sent directly to universities, military branches, or any institution requiring proof of your education. This ensures a smooth transition to further education or career opportunities.

4. Recognition in Background Checks:

A Diploma from Aztec Home Schooling is recognized by major background check companies such as HireRight, PreCheck, Certify as well as many others. This is crucial for passing regional, national, and federal background checks required by many employers and institutions.


Choosing to earn your Diploma through Aztec Home Schooling not only provides you with a recognized credential but also opens doors to educational and career opportunities. Whether you’re seeking to further your education, advance in your career, or achieve personal goals, our program offers the support and flexibility you need to succeed. Contact us today to start your journey towards completing your High School education and earning your Diploma with confidence and convenience. Your future begins here at Aztec Home Schooling.

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